This is splorp.

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July 18, 2004


Eight years, that is. Eight years since this site went live. Eight years since I first paid Internic for the privilege of having a place to call home on the internet. Eight years of running a web server on a series of archaic, retrofitted Macintosh boxes that along the road somebody else figured weren’t useful anymore. Eight years of feeling compelled to operate a webcam and narrowcast my debatably winsome mug across the ether. Eight years of other people looking at that debatably winsome mug and questioning why someone would want to even have a webcam. Eight years of hardware failures, partial backup strategies, application glitches, subnet updates, ISP changes, and of course, the regular assortment of DNS propagation bugaboos. Eight years of forgetting this anniversary every second year. Eight years and I still haven’t managed to get this site more than marginally standards compliant. Eight years that I wouldn’t have traded for anything else.

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