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September 27, 2003

Broadcasting live.

A big, warm hello from Vancouver and the ATypI conference. I just thought I would sneak in a quick post between sessions and let everyone know that the conference tracks are extremely fast-paced, the weather has been nothing but gorgeous, and the pre-configured bagged lunches are indeed quite edible. The type marketing panel discussion which I am participating in doesn’t take place until tomorrow morning, so I have been absorbing as much of everything else in the meantime. Linotype’s Akira Kobayashi discussing Adrian Frutiger’s revamp of the upcoming Avenir Next family, and the always spunky John Downer kicking off the Font Sprint Relay with supporting team members courtesy of House Industries and Orange Italic have both been entertaining highlights today. And yes, I have managed to find time to take a whack of photos around and about the host venue, the Emily Carr Institute of Art & Design. Oops, I hear the bell ringing for the next bit of typographic academia. Later.

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