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June 19, 2003

Newsfeed hiccups.

If you’re a regular consumer of this weblog using NetNewsWire or some other similarly fabulous RSS newsreader, you may have noticed that the article links haven’t been working. In fact, I hadn’t even noticed until someone sent me a message saying so. This problem is apparently related to the migration of this weblog (and most of my other ones) to the new Dano version of Blogger earlier this week. At some point along the winding trail of product improvement, the first character in my archive directory name fell into the dust. I’m sure it will turn up somewhere, but for the time being I am hand editing the XML to reattach all of the inadvertently severed characters every time I post. Naturally, a succinct and amicable problem report has been filed with Blogger Control, so the issue should be identified and resolved within the next few days or weeks or some other point along the continuum.

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