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August 27, 2002

Plagiarism. The sincerest form of stupidity.

My site must have finally hit the big time. Why? Because the design has been borrowed blatantly made off with by some young git at ScarBitten (here’s a screen grab of the page, just in case he proprietor managed to come to his senses by the time you read this). The minimalist table layout, the style sheet, the whole shooting match is there. The bloody nerve. Mr Ross, as he calls himself, hasn’t even bothered to change the bulk of the text appearing on his about page. Compare mine to his. Could be related we could. And cripes, look at this… a dead giveaway for the origin of his code is the mention of a Newton in the page source. Come on, is it really that hard to use your own brain? Apparently so. Perhaps we should all email hidden; JavaScript is required what we think of his site. Special hat tip to Andrea for blowing the whistle on this punk.

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