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February 27, 2002

Where does the time go?

Yes, another signpost along obsolete technology highway goes flying past in the rear view mirror. Please ignore my lame prose for a moment and take note that today marks the fourth anniversary of Apple (or more accurately, Steve Jobs) deciding to unilaterally discontinue development of the Newton. So, is the deep green platform truly dead? If you’re a regular visitor to this site, you’ll be able to answer that question yourself with a resounding nada. There has been an honest, measurable surge in development of new software and updates to legacy packages over the past couple of years. The online focal points for Newton users such as the Newted Community, the NewtonTalk mailing list, and the UNNA file archive have been growing consistently. There has even been a half dozen or so Newton-focused weblogs launched during the past few months. I won’t go on any further about how viable I think the Newton platform still is, or how exciting it is to be on the brink of having a wireless driver and access to high-capacity ATA storage cards — you’ve heard me blather on about that stuff before. I just wanted to make sure that people remember the day that some guy named Steve made a decision. A decision based, not on logic or business rules, but on a personal vendetta. A decision made at the expense of a promising and still unmatched technology. So there.

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