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August 30, 2001


I was digging around a couple of sites looking for potential updates to some software I run on this server, and I ran across a mention of buffer overflow in the read me file of a freshly squeezed version of NetCloak. After confirming that the update was in response to the various iterations of Code Red that have be clogging up everybody’s pipes lately, I downloaded and installed the puppy. Based on the discussions on the NetCloak-Talk mailing list, this could be the solution to the intermittent server crashes that I’ve been having this week. Yes, even after all the reinstalls earlier today, WebStar continues to burp… albeit less frequently. The unpredictability of the crashes and the fact that the server can run for weeks without an issue before lapsing into a stream of hourly conniption fits seems to match the wave-like propagation of Code Red. And if the new version of NetCloak doesn’t solve the problem, there’s always this user-configurable Code Red Killer Plug-in that I can try. The fun never stops around here, kids.

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