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October 30, 2000


If I was even marginally interested in gaming, that fact that Sega and Nintendo are forming a joint venture would probably bother me. But since I’m not a gamer, I honestly could care less. However, the last thing you ever want to witness is your favorite platform reducing itself to playing footsie with the competition. It’s foreign. It’s unsettling. It’s just not natural. One thing I can relate to in this scenario is how it compares to when Apple and Microsoft struck that deal back in 1997 and everyone started thinking that Apple had sold out. Other than the rampant inaccuracies that gushed out of the press, the whole Apple-Microsoft thing was a laughable attempt at perceived goodwill. Still somewhat unsettling, but harmless. At least there weren’t any indecipherable company names to deal with if the whole arrangement fizzled out. Taligent or Kaleida anyone? [ Update ] False alarm, kids.

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