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June 25, 2000


Steve Ballmer attempts to get more specific about all the .Net fluff in an article over at the Register, but I still can’t get my head around what the hell Microsoft is trying to do here. Maybe it’s simply the fact that regardless of what user interface they slap on top of it, hosting applications or services with anything close to the functionality of Word or Excel is at best idealistic and at worst… dumber than a bag of hammers. This is partly what Microsoft is trying to do, right? Separating the functionality from the operating system. Separating the display of the content from the creation of the content. Part of the confusion surrounding this whole announcement is the fact that there are so many components to it. Which .Net component does what and how does it interact with the other .Nets of the platform?

But back to Steve holding forth: “Windows.Net is not a service, so it has to come with a service.” Rickety logic here, we know, it’s a bit like saying Windows 98 is not a cowpat, so it has to come with one, but you kind of know what he means. “You would see certain kinds of services that would be an integrated aspect of that user interface.”

Anytime Microsoft starts talking about the user interface or the experience of interaction on a large scale I get nervous. I have a growing uneasiness about this whole thing, and I can see myself having to read a lot more about it before I can even begin to fully understand the ramifications. Is anyone else feeling a bit uncomfortable.Net?

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