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June 24, 2000


My site was offline for several hours again this morning. I muttered under my breath about the server freezing up, and then resigned myself to the fact that I would need to restart the whole shebang manually. (I am adding an auto-restart monitor soon… really.) After checking the server in person, everything was running perfectly fine, but I couldn’t ping the box from either an internal or external connection. I double checked the TCP/IP settings, rebooted the box for the heck of it, and still nothing. Then I decided to pay a visit to the server room. Tracing the patch panel for my server’s ethernet port back to the switch, I discovered the problem. There dangling beside the switch was the cat 5 cable supposedly connected to my server. Apparently, in the midst of upgrading the network patch panels and server racks this past week and again on Friday evening, our illustrious information services crew missed a couple of things. Aarrgh.

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