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October 22, 2008



No, you’re not seeing things … that’s a small sliver of 4D’s WebStar 4.4 running under OS 9 (9.1 to be exact, not Classic). This post could be simple documentation of my attempt to unify the administration of the servers residing in my basement. That would be absolutely true. But in all honesty, I’m just kinda showing off. In this particular example, I’m using Redstone Software’s free Vine Server for OS 9 to provide VNC services — enabling me to control my web server at home using Leopard’s Screen Sharing from elsewhere.

A headless rack is a happy rack.

Keeping the VNC server company alongside WebStar is an old school version of Maxum’s Rumpus for FTP and the unbeatable Summary for raw log crunching. Sophisticated Circuit’s iDo Script Scheduler keeps things tidy by firing off a series of maintenance AppleScripts, while Rebound! handles monitoring and recovery tasks for when various application or system events go kerflunky. The server itself (running the very site you’re viewing) is an 11 year old Power Macintosh 9600/200 dual processor with 256MB of memory and a pair of 4GB hard drives.

Who needs OSX Server, anyway?

Well, I suppose long filename support would be nice …

See the entire screenshot on Flickr.

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2 comments on “OS9. WTF? VNC. FTW!”

  1. Posted by Morgan Aldridge Morgan Aldridge on Wednesday, November 12th, 2008.

    Gah, you’re making me reminisce about my PowerBook 520 web server I had running Quid Pro Quo back in the day. Man was Quid Pro Quo sweet. I never did find out what happened to it, but I have a nagging suspicion that it got bought up by WebStar as well.


  2. Posted by Grant Hutchinson Grant Hutchinson on Wednesday, November 12th, 2008.

    I started with MacHTTP on a Macintosh IIcx in 1996, but I remember giving Quid Pro Quo a go at some point. I recall the interface being extreme clean. For another blast from the past, a friend of mine and I still run EIMS for email services across 50 domains or so.


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