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November 21, 2006

Final eviction notice.

Early adoption is for masochists. Cohesive workflow and performance comes from being stubborn, sticking with what you know, and not drifting away from your comfort zone. Those who blindly accept and implement change are weak and tend to bend to peer pressure.

Yeah, ok. Whatever.

Six months ago I was done rationalizing. Enough dragging of feet. I was finally ready to say goodbye to Claris Emailer, Internet Explorer, Goliath, and very reluctantly, KeyQuencer. Most importantly, I simply couldn’t justify wasting any more time or testing any more patience whilst slogging about in OS 9. Every other machine I used was running either Panther or Tiger, with the exception of my box at home and my web server. The G4 tower under my home office desk received a series of transplants earlier this year. Now the web server is about to get the overdue upgrade it deserves. The dual processor 9600 which serves up these very pages isn’t OS X material, so a full hardware replacement will be necessary before the shift happens. There’s a spare G4 in the basement sporting a pair of 450MHz heaters. That’ll probably be enough to do the trick.

I’ve managed to hold on to OS 9 a lot longer than I had ever anticipated. But aside from the residual joy of a Finder that’s actually responsive and being able to set my folder lists in 9 point Geneva, the bloom is off. I was tired of punching the restart button whenever Internet Explorer hacked up a lung and hung hard. I was continually unimpressed with Korean-encoded spam causing Emailer to choke on its temp files. I have long since grown out of the quaint tidiness of 31-character file names. I expect to be able to stuff more than 2GB into Retrospect archives. I require a standards-savvy browser that isn’t named iCab.

The final smack of the reality mallet came down this week. The ten year old hardware running this server has been suffering from a worsening case of the “inconvenient freezies” … and there’s little hope of a full recovery. I’ve managed to patch things up — yet again — with the software equivalent of bailing wire and chewing gum, but it really is time to move on. Goodbye, Fortissimo. Hello, Tiger. So long, WebStar. Howdy do, Apache. Farewell, years of painstakingly modified host configurations and request rules. Very nice to meet you, platform migration headaches … oh, crap.

Ah, well. Wish me luck, regardless.

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5 comments on “Final eviction notice.”

  1. Posted by Kevin Conboy Kevin Conboy on Wednesday, November 22nd, 2006.

    I’m amazed and not a little appalled that you are still running OS 9. I mean seriously. I didn’t think that was even physically possible.


  2. Posted by Grant Hutchinson Grant Hutchinson on Wednesday, November 22nd, 2006.

    Oh, it’s entirely possible … just increasingly impractical. Hell, if I’m still running a web server on an eight year old Newton and maintaining my software archive database in Clarisworks 2.0 on a 15 year old PowerBook 170, then a few simple web services under OS 9 is a piece of (slowly disintegrating) cake. I like doing it because it *is* possible.


  3. Posted by Sunny Sunny on Thursday, November 23rd, 2006.

    There’s something beautiful about frankenstein creations though. Should we ship large amounts of coffee to help fuel the transition?


  4. Posted by Anonymous Anonymous on Thursday, January 11th, 2007.

    I install WaMCom on every OS9 computer I find.

    Mozilla tabbed browsing!


  5. Posted by Grant Hutchinson Grant Hutchinson on Thursday, January 11th, 2007.

    Well, now that’s a cool solution. I had never heard of WaMCom (quite the mess of intercap action there, my friend) before. I will have to give that a try on some of the older boxes I have kicking around the house. Thanks for the tip, anonymous (if that’s your real alias …)


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