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March 24, 2005

That burnt toast smell.

Damn. I had no idea that Toast used HFS rather than HFS+ for the Mac OS portion of custom hybrid discs. Normally, this isn’t an issue since I’m often compiling batches of data that fit comfortably onto a CD-sized partition. But since beginning to work on a number of DVD-based masters, I ran smack dab into that 2GB volume limitation that HFS is infamous for. I scoured the Roxio support boards for a workaround that would still allow me to customize the user experience on the Mac side without having to burn separate discs. Apparently, this is common complaint amongst Toasters and has something to with HFS+ being incompatible with on-the-fly optimization. Of course, some people don’t blame the file system, they blame Toast instead. I guess for me, it’s back to building those generic, serviceable, and painfully consistent-looking ISO9660-formatted masters this time around. Yawn. Toast Volume Select View a full-size screen capture in my Flickr account.

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