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January 27, 2004

Several things that need mentioning.

Quite a few items have caused my ears to perk up recently, but dagnabbit if I don’t have the time to properly comment on them. So here I sit, attempting to post at least a short little blurb about each them so, at the very least, I can refer back them at some point in the future. Here goes. Anyone who has admired the monochromatic simplicity of a Susan Kare icon or bopped their noggin to a stream of low-bit chip music will appreciate 1×1 — a slick new book for pixel pimps like me to drool over. Published by the casa grande del diseño, Vasava Artworks. Hello, upgrade alert: BBEdit 7.1.2 was released today. So there’s no room for adventure when specifying fonts for the web? Think again. Jeff Croft walks us through some alternate typographic choices proving that Verdana isn’t the solution to everything. Make sure to absorb the additional details provided in Code Style’s font survey — easily the best visual web type sampler I’ve even seen. Different District has deftly compiled more Apple-branded video propaganda than you can shake a six foot ADB cable at. The iTunes Music Store RSS Generator is simply too sweet for words. Aggregate me, baby. And speaking of one-bit icon appreciation… is a newish site currently dedicated to collecting stories and anecdotes relating to the original Macintosh. I’ll just have to contribute something to the cause. It’s in my blood. Oh, and you must enjoy the graphic wonderfulness of these pre-printed paper products from Dsix Design. Oof. I now return you yo your regularly scheduled blog digestion.

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