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January 16, 2004

Curiously found mints.

Well, they’re not actually mints… they’re better than mints. Courteously observant viewer Eric Gordon pointed out that Callard & Bowser produced a limited run of Ginger Altoids at some point last year. Ginger. Now that’s a flavour I can wrap my lips around. It’s too bad these tasty little babies are no longer available in the stores. If I was really desperate for a tin or two, I could always go venturing through the aisles of the world’s largest garage sale. “Might go nice with the Wasabi ones…”, Eric mentions ever so casually. Indeed they would. [ Update ] In an odd twist of online retail fate, the ever so kind Michael Ian Roth pointed out that Ginger variations are now available via the official Altoids Shoppe. I swear on a stack of collector tins that they weren’t there earlier in the week. Now that’s curious.

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