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November 30, 2003

Closing the window with a sledgehammer.

Just freaking wonderful. I try to send a few email replies this afternoon, and what happens? I get pummeled by a slew of bounce backs indicating that my ADSL provider has just had its outbound mail server blocked by the freaking Open Relay Database. There was no mention of it on the Nucleus system status board, so I kindly informed them about the issue. They’ll probably want to fix this little inconvenience, right? Good thing I have a couple other mail servers I can send through. Whoa. Customer service on a Sunday? Five minutes later, I get a response from Nucleus.

Hello, We are aware that has been listed on a ORDB database and are looking into the matter. However there should be a workaround for this in the meantime. It appears the blacklist is only affecting mail that is coming out through Our outgoing mail still works on that server, but the correct address for sending out mail is If your email client is still using for the outgoing, change it to and that should resolve that for the meantime until we can get taken off the blacklist. Hope that helps! David DombowskyNucleus Information Service IncTechnical Support Specialist

I appears that one of my accounts was still using the mail-dot server for outbound mail. All my other accounts were going through smtp-dot. That’s why I hadn’t noticed anything kerflunky until this afternoon, when I was catching up on messages from that one account. I’m still impressed that someone responded that quickly. On a Sunday. With a useful explanation. Now I know why I don’t mind paying $10/GB to these guys for my monthly bandwidth overages.

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