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September 21, 2003

Another great big box of goodies.

Some of the most generous folks I know sit right across from me. For example, Issa dropped off a box stuffed full of previously loved Mac goodies for me at the office this past week. There was also a plastic grocery bag worth of floppies and manuals, but the really good stuff was in the box. Amongst the treasures was an LCII to add to my teetering pile of pizzabox Macs, a 12″ low-profile color monitor in near perfect condition, an original StyleWriter printer, a strange little external hard drive of unknown capacity, an Apple CD300e Plus drive, a pristine Apple Keyboard II, a couple of nondescript fax modem thingies, plus enough cables and wallwarts to choke a couple John Dvorak-sized technology pundits. But the absolute best thing that could possibly have tumbled out of that box was a pair of AppleDesign Powered Speakers. The original kick-ass beige ones, not the tinny-sounding black wannabees that came out in later years. I had a pair of these speakers hooked up to my Quadra 840av when I worked at Image Club and then migrated them to my G3/233 tower at EyeWire. Those speakers sounded so good — even when cranked during those late night product mastering sessions — that I really didn’t want to leave them behind when I finally decided to move on to other things. They had an industrial heft to them that said ‘built with love and quality, baby’. Well, I finally have another pair and didn’t have to scour eBay to find them. Now I just have to figure out what to hook them up to. Thanks Issa, you’re simply a gem.

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