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September 20, 2003

Let’s get ready to Rumpus.

Many, many moons ago, I jotted down an item on my to do list entitled ‘Upgrade Rumpus’. That item ended up getting migrated from old list to new list and new list again for at least two years. For those who aren’t familiar with Rumpus, it’s the natty little FTP server that I use for this site and about forty others residing on the same box. For all it’s lovely Macness and reasonable stability, the version I had been running was not without a few, um, quirks. The least of which was its tendency to move temporary files created by EvoCam to the trash rather than deleting them. When EvoCam would try to upload a new webcam image, it couldn’t rename or delete the previous file because it was sitting in an inaccessible directory, namely the trash. Well, last night I finally bought the latest Rumpus upgrade (by my count, I was one major version and about 7 dot-revisions behind) and installed it. I’m trusting that the previous issues have been dealt with in this version. However, should my loyal customer base run into any inexplicable file transfer shenanigans, they should let me know. At the very least, I can cross one item off my to do list.

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