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September 15, 2003

Suggestion box.

It won’t eliminate spam or protect a colony of endangered phasmids, but perhaps it’s an idea worth sharing. Every once in a while, one of the nutty visitors to this site will send in a suggestion that merits some attention. It may even warrant an off-handed mention. At the very least, it deserves a fate better than being hidden at the back of the credenza. Of course, it could be that I honestly enjoy the fact that people actually send me mail about this site. Regardless of the rationale behind its appearance on this page, not only did the available domain name of the week save Waylan Limberg from an otherwise websiteless existence, it apparently inspired the following micro-treatise.

As you gave me the domain, and by extension the idea, that resulted in my website, I thought I would contribute to your effort, or whatever you call it. You can, of course, ignore my suggestion but I recently came across the domain and misread it as Now, as I am 6' 4" this caught my attention and my gears started turning. As far as I can tell, the domain ( that is — I haven’t checked sixfoot6 as I wouldn’t personally be interested) is still available. Imagine the possibilities for such a domain: a personal site for someone such as myself, a site that reviews items from the perspective of the taller than average buyer (imagine the time it could save me when car shopping — short, and even average people always perceive a car to be roomy in a very different way than anyone over 6 feet), or perhaps a online shop for tall people (yes, I know, a boring idea but someone had to mention it). Anyway, this is my way of saying thanks for the inspiration that lead to my, as yet, very incomplete site. If only I had more content, or at least more time to add content, the pun would be more readily apparent. To view my half baked idea, point your browser to Just make sure you have a bottle of Tylenol, Excedrin, Advil, or whatever you use nearby (If you’re wondering, I haven’t decided if the strangely sorted blog entries are part of the theme or an error on my part — although I’m leaning toward error). Oh yeah, '' — not bad. I might be inclined to use it, but the fog just won’t seem to clear. The Waylanator PS: Feel free to use the content of this message as you see fit. I only ask that you credit me with any of the hair-brained ideas included herein.

Thank you Waylan. Indeed, it is the policy of this site to credit all hair-brained (and hare-brained, for that matter) ideas. Yours included. And you’re quite welcome.

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