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June 25, 2003

Back after lunch.

If you noticed the server outage this morning, please accept my apologies. If you didn’t notice, just skip right over this post, thank you very much. It seems that after nearly a month of uptime, my infamously leakyWebStar server managed to use up every last bit of its memory partition. It didn’t crash. It’s didn’t freeze. It just sat there, ignoring requests for the virtual hosts and refusing to serve any pages whatsoever. If the server had crashed or one of the applications had frozen, then the automatic monitoring system I have in place to reboot the box would have kicked in. It didn’t kick in, so I called my very understanding wife. I asked Teri if she’d be so kind as to give the Mac a three finger salute for me. Stepping over our daughter’s toxic gym strip beside the washing machine in the basement, she commented, “It’s bad enough I have to wash your underwear, now I have to reboot your server as well?” We’re in this for better or for worse, right? Thanks a heap sweetie.

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