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April 26, 2003

The pin visible man.

When we last visited the Stowaway Keyboard Project, I had successfully connected my Newton MessagePad 2100 to a folding Stowaway keyboard by crafting (rather cleverly I might add) an adapter from the end of an old serial cable and a disused Palm III shell. To do this, I relied on a rough sketch of the connector pinouts and the necessary mapping thereof provided by Daniel Padilla, the man behind the driver software for this project. The sketch was accurate enough to get the thing hacked together, but I thought it could benefit from a bit of light housekeeping prior to being added to the growing repository of technical documentation for the project. Naturally, I bounded up the plate with a copy of Adobe Illustrator in hand and pitched out the following PDF, all gussied up for public consumption. Please note the tasteful use of Gill Sans Regular, the official Newton typeface.

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