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April 25, 2003

Photo-Lettering is in da House.

This is big. As big as a pen and ink rendering of an Ed Benguiat swash cap. When a supa-cool boutique font outfit nabs one of the most amazing old school, film-based type collections around, it’s big. Really big. Yep, House Industries purchased Photo-Lettering. How big?

“Physically, the collection takes up about 350 cubic ft (10 cubic meters) of space and consists of film negatives and positives of most of the 6500 fonts produced in the company’s 55 years. There are also countless patterns, cartouches, borders and dingbats, all of which have been preserved in film negative form. Each negative is approximately 28 in (71 cm) by 5 in (13 cm) high.”

Mad props to Rich Roat and company for one hell of a typographic finagle. A full press release is available over on for further reading and natch there’s also a discussion thread at Typographica. Coincidentally, I’ve been thumbing through my old Photo-Lettering One Line Manual of Styles for years, dreaming of being able to use digital versions of the unqiue and quirky display faces that defined the PLINC library. All the while, trying not to drool on the pages. If anyone can bring the Photo-Lettering collection up to digital snuff and still respect its roots, it’s House. Dang, I think I need to sit down.

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