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April 18, 2003

It must be spring.

Good Friday isn’t just about getting a day off of work. Neither is it simply a time to attend church as component of Holy Week and participate the reading of the Passion. That’s certainly a significant part of it for my family, but this year Good Friday also marks the fact that spring is mentally here for me. Sure, the calendar said that spring officially arrived a few weeks ago, but until I see the crocuses blooming (which they are) and the back yard completely devoid of dog crap (which it is), spring doesn’t quiet surface in my mind. However, today it must be spring. Additional proof? I felt a light sprinkle of rain on my face moments before I finished reattaching the down spout to the rain barrels. The outside water has been turned on, the hoses are reconnected to the spigots, and the lawn has had its first cleansing rake of the season. It really, honestly must be spring. Thank God.

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