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February 27, 2003

Will the last person to leave the platform…

… please turn off the backlight? The title of this post refers to a popular email signature that floats around on the NewtonTalk mailing list. I mention it not only because it’s oddly appropriate given what day it is, but it’s somewhat ironic as well. Today marks the fifth anniversary of Steve Jobs’ questionable decision to discontinue the Newton. The irony? Although the Newton community is no where near the size it was when the platform was still supported by Apple, it’s certainly not shrinking. Over the past couple of years I’ve mentioned several new software and hardware projects that keep adding value and capability to the Newton platform. Fellow übernewtonhead Victor Rehorst posted an accurate summary of the current state of the Newton on his weblog earlier today. Newton devices are still available through sources like J & K Sales and offer significant value to those who choose to venture on the wild side of PDA ownership. People continue to discover and rediscover the Newton. Go figure. It’s going to be an awful long time before anyone has to turn off that backlight.

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