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February 18, 2003


During one of the more recent Jaguar updates, my ability to access AppleShare volumes ceased to be. I honestly didn’t notice the problem until this past week. Since I’m still hooked on OS 9, I had been using OS X pretty much for intense bouts of browser testing and only needed to access web and FTP. Starting last week, I began migrating more of my daily bumps and grinds to OS X, which included accessing AFP volumes on our illustrious NT servers. Naturally, I ran head-long into a brick wall. Attempting to access any AppleShare service, local or otherwise, resulted in a rather rude and unhelpful error message. An alert box continually taunted me without any ways or means of correcting the problem. Nice. After determining that the amazingly descriptive -5002 error had something to do with the Microsoft User Authentication Module (UAM), I started poking around the various AppleShare client files strewn about the file system. That was a fairly fruitless endeavour, but one thing I did discover was that if I created a new user account, the problem didn’t exist. There wasn’t any issue with connecting to an AppleShare volume while logged in as root either. The problem had something to do with my own user settings. Google came up bupkis as did Apple support when I searched for more information. However, I did find email hidden; JavaScript is required@.3bbe1cf4" title="Topic: AFP authentication">this thread on the Apple Discussions site. I obviously wasn’t alone in my struggle or in my quest for a solution. The fix boiled down to editing this file:






Somewhere along the way, the Allow Clear Text Password option had been unchecked in the network connection window and had gummed up the works. After the mess I swam through to find the solution to this issue, I’m hoping that posting this information on my weblog will make it easier for folks in the future. A jaunty hat tip to Issa for digging through the bowels of the file system with me.

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