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February 18, 2003

BBEdit updated. Again.

Why yes, as a matter of fact, I am. Prepare to kick back for a spell if you’re about to dive into the 7.0.2 release notes for the latest BBEdit update. Nine pages of new features, functionality tweaks, bug squashes, and other assorted finagling to scroll through. Woof. The main emphasis this time around seems to be tackling the convoluted tale of text encoding. However, some of my favorite bullet points in the release notes inform us that “The configuration dialog for the UnComment plug-in is more OS X studly.” and “File Browsers will try a little harder to display files that aren’t obviously text files.”, while also producing nuggets of wisdom such as “Command-period will stop the current processes in a shell in addition to Control-C. If you bind both Command-. and Control-C to menu items, you are going to be out of luck, so don’t do that.” You’ve got to appreciate release notes with personality. They remind me an awful lot of the self-deprecating humor found in the user manuals from Marathon Computer. After you grab your BBEdit update, trundle over to Marathon and download a PDF or two, just for a laugh.

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