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December 19, 2002

No news is good news.

It was a day of pretty much next to nothing new. That’s good. My dad slept at home and had a decent enough rest to sound energetic and chipper when I spoke to him this morning. I went back to work, actually enjoyed a meeting, accomplished a ton of stuff that needed to be taken care of sooner or later, and for the most part, felt almost normal again. That’s good too. As for my mom, her last CT scan didn’t show anything out of the ordinary. Today’s angiogram was a clean slate as well. So was the echocardiogram. The gastrointestinal swab showed some preliminary signs of pneumonia, but that’s to be expected in these situations. The one thing that amazed me was the fact that she has been off the Morphine since last night. Today, things looked and felt better. That might not be the case a couple of days from now, but I’m not thinking that far in advance. I’d also like to thank everyone who has contacted me regarding my mom. Some of you have known my mom nearly as long as I have. Some of you I’ve just met. The words and thoughts and prayers shared with me and my family have been appreciated and remembered. Thank you.

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