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August 29, 2002

Newton tootin’.

Two quick pointers to articles that appear on Wired News this morning. Apple’s Newton Just Won’t Drop relates a fairly accurate description of the energy and enthusiasm that still exists in the Newton community. Aside from a couple of minor technical glitches (the top-end MessagePad 2100 uses a 162-MHz processor, not a 20-MHz), this story kicks it. And get a load of all those other Canadian green-bleeders hanging around the CN Tower. What a bunch of geeks, eh Victor? Unfortunately, a second article entitled Newton’s Return: A Hit and Myth, seems to little more than a rehash of rumours and speculation surrounding Apple’s return to the hand held market. I suppose it doesn’t hurt to wish and wonder. Naturally, there’s a discussion regarding the articles on the NewtonTalk list. Oh, excuse me… my Newton’s ringing.

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