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June 21, 2002


Oops. Who knew that the internal customer identifier was based on the company field? Who the heck builds systems that way? What if the user doesn’t have a company name? Why should the company field be required if the user doesn’t have one? Why force the user to enter some generic, meaningless text sputum into a field just so a form will get processed? Exactly. That’s why I commented out that part of the validation code and made the field completely optional. Except, let’s go back to the first point for a moment. Suppose the aforementioned field is empty and doesn’t require validation, therefore customer profile gets stored without said identifier. The form action is accepted because it passed validation, and the customer gets notified of their new account via email. Yet the customer can’t log into the new account because the system uses the identifier based on the non-existent company name data to look up the account information. Oops, indeed.

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