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January 17, 2002

Several layer dip.

Hotel from the Image Club Hoopla! Disc © 1995

As much as I laud Digital Vision for the pixelated chutzpah of their new Infinity series of royalty-free, layered Photoshop-format stock images, their claim that they are the first to offer such a product is just so much balderdash. Back when layers were actually listed as a new feature in Photoshop, the design team that I managed at Image Club created a set of layered images to go with a limited edition, thematically cohesive collection. That was back in 1995. This spunky little product was called Hoopla! Disc and it featured, among other digitized tidbits, clumps of tasty clip art, several personable typefaces, and snippets of inebriated audio — all capturing the flavour of local Calgary artist and friend, Dean Stanton. I’ll be the first to choke out the fact that our layered images possessed nowhere near the artistic aplomb or interpretive ferocity that the current Digital Vision products do. But hell, when you’re first out the door, it doesn’t necessarily matter how your hair looks. I just want to make sure that everyone has their facts straight.

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