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October 29, 2001


After a three month hiatus, the grantcam is officially back in action. I splurged on a new USB camera to replace the reliable, but unfortunately unsupported, Connectix Color QuickCam that had worked so well for so long. If the QuickCam drivers hadn’t stopped working when I upgraded every beast in the stable to Mac OS 9, it’d still be kicking out fresh JPEGs like its new über serial cousin, the Kritter. If asked, I’d have to say that the quality of the images that came out of the QuickCam were better than those from the Kritter. This is probably due to the beefier optics that Connectix used to plunk into those cute little plastic eyeballs before their hardware became so much Logitech bait. I guess I shouldn’t complain, seeing as the Kritter has a much faster transfer rate and the ability to capture at twice the resolution. Enough about that already. You’re probably just happier than a pig in poo because you can see my happy, shiny face again. Right?

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