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August 27, 2001


Either it’s time for a mental inventory or my pint glass is empty again. Whatever it is, I’m been feeling extremely uninspired to write stuff in this blog lately. Believe me, I’m not bored. No, far from it. And it’s not as if there isn’t plenty of frustrating things to complain about and geeky stuff to gush over — every single day. It’s just that summer is drawing to a close. Not in the chronologically Gregorian sense, but due to the fact that my kids start back to school this Wednesday. Suddenly, the metaphorical geese are flocking south carrying their Powerpuff Girls lunch boxes. I’m sensing change. A new school year. My youngest daughter starting grade one. The older one acting more the part of a tweenager every day. And on top of everything, perhaps a new job in the wings for me. All of these new and transitionary circumstances should be providing a copious flood of bloggerisms. Maybe they will in time. But right now, I’m apparently content just trying to keep pace with the changes. By the way, there’s still of couple of things stuck in the back of the warehouse that haven’t been inventoried yet. And the pint glass? Water, straight from the Brita.

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