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October 24, 2000


What am I not getting here? Adobe has this program called Clearly Adobe Imaging. It seems to be, in my mind, an obscure implementation of brand dilution that attempts to indicate and proclaim the benefits of “the technology you can trust”, presumably from Adobe. The Clearly Adobe Imaging logo is positioned as recognizable iconic representation of this program. Let’s assume for a minute that Adobe is indeed a fully digital, technology-driven imaging company, focused on providing “superior graphics, color, and text management capabilities” in their products. If this is the case, then what’s up with the rippling pool of liquid? Is the logo illustrating Adobe’s sensitive side by shedding tears of joy over the fact that it can solve all our publishing woes? Is there some connection to an unnamed international petroleum cartel that we’re not aware of? Or is the logo simply paying homage to printing technologies of old by leaking like the fluid tank from vintage Gestetner spirit duplicator? If it is supposed to be representing liquid of some sort (it’s completely beyond me why), the least they could have done was rendered it using a Photoshop ripple filter.

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