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September 27, 2000


I received an email tonight clarifying the lineage of Avaya, which of course has been freshly spun-out of Lucent. I poked a bit deeper into the Avaya site, wondering if any light could be shed on the name. Here’s what I found on their About Our New Name page:

* It sets us apart and captures what we’re doing with the company — becoming independent, being focused on enterprise customers and going forward. The name has a certain flair to it that says action, that says we’re new, we’re different.
* International focus groups told us Avaya sounds like a company that’s agile, open-minded, spirited, fun. They said it suggested ease, speed, energy and seamless connection.
* The name sounds simple, open and fluid; syllables flow into one another effortlessly. Linguists call this kind of word a word with no stops. Not a bad anthem for a company dedicated to breaking down the barriers between people, between people and content, between our customers and their customers, between platforms and applications, between the technology of the past and the solutions of the future.
* Our logo is a word mark formed of letters that relate smoothly, echo and enhance one another, and move fluidly from the first letter to the last. The “V” gives the name a lively, vigorous sound, quick and precise. We chose a bright, strong red as our signature color both to announce our arrival in a commanding voice and to honor our Lucent Technologies heritage.
* Our name is Avaya; the word “Communication” is a descriptor that we’re using initially to help define what we do. It is not “communications” plural, which denotes technology, systems, or networks. It is “communication” singular, which emphasizes human relationships and rapport — since we help businesses build better relationships with their customers and others.

Like I said before, all the good domain names were already taken.

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