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July 27, 2000


Writing’s On Wall For Mac OS X It looks like Apple is resurrecting the acclaimed Newton hand writing recognition software once known as “Rosetta” in future iterations of Mac OS. Now dubbed InkWell, it appears to have the exact same features as what I use in my MessagePad 2100 right down to the font used in the InkPad window.

Apple InkBar Interface

But there’s more, including a toolbar for configuring keyboard shortcuts via the pen. Once thing I particularly like is the fact that you can customize the “gestures” that control text editing commands. Keep in mind that this isn’t the same thing as the Graffiti recognition that’s found in Palm OS beasts. I have Graffiti installed on my Newton too, and let me tell you that Rosetta or InkWell or whatever the heck Apple wants to call it, simply beats the snot out of everything else out there. This is handwriting recognition that actually recognizes your handwriting. Printed, cursive, chicken scratch, whatever — not just some alien pictoglyph alphabet.

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