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July 26, 2000


Let me say right of the top that the following confession does not indicate in any way, shape, or form an abandonment my beloved Newton platform. No way, no how. That being said, last night I ventured over to Handspring just to see whether or not they had finally got their act together and were letting Canadians purchase off their site. Honestly, I was only browsing. Ten minutes later, weakened by the candy-like translucency of an orange Visor Deluxe, I waved my credit card like the tattered white flag of a surrendering soldier. Obviously drunk with excitement over my purchase, I stumbled over to PalmGear, bellied up to the peripheral bar and ordered up an EyeModule camera attachment and the requisite Stowaway keyboard. I’ll basically have a completely digital system to capture, document, and annotate pretty much anything — that fits in my pocket. And to prove my allegiance is still with my trusty MessagePad, I’m also going to hack the Stowaway keyboard to work via the Newton’s interconnect port. Stay tuned for more…

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