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June 26, 2000


Oh, the joy of being in the spotlight. Sometimes it’s such a bother working in a supposedly swell office environment, particularly when you’ve been recognized (or picked out of the lineup, depending on your point of view) by some one the local dead-tree media as one Calgary’s “Cool Places to Work”. And regardless of how massive your cool quotient is, like the teenager with the bad attitude you inevitably get asked to clean up your room by your parents.

“If possible, I’d like to ask each of you to check around your work area for any messes that could be tidied up before noon on Monday. Empty boxes, papers, cartons, hills of toxic waste, tractor parts… anything you can do to tidy up the spaces around you would be fantastic.”

Hey, what’s wrong with those tractor parts? It’s not like I’m changing the transmission fluid out of a Massey-Harris on my desk or anything.

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